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At the same time, the death of Elizabeth II makes us forget what is happening in the world

James Bond died last fall and now Queen Elizabeth, a mental and sentimental world, is going down with them. Cursing rumors hinted that the Queen’s life, without her favorite agent, lost spurts and faded. For Bond, however, that disappearance would be a form of orphanage, with no British majesty to serve by fighting enemies of the Empire and abusing beautiful women beyond the Queen’s beauty. They now announce that Agent 007 will be played by an actress willing to serve Carlos III as Camila Parker when he was married to Diana Spencer, martyr of the people.

Jokes aside, the itinerant mummy show and the Kafkaesque funeral ceremony, designed by the Queen to her greatest glory, succeed in satisfying the cultural desires of the Anglophile elites, with their antiquated pomp, and irritating the skeptics. The staging of the funeral contains the clear signs of what today turns the monarchy into an unreal archaism, pure empty pageantry. We often forget that these royal dynasties embody the bloodiest privileges and injustices. And they’ve been bombarding us mercilessly for two weeks with television images of submissive and gullible crowds in front of the monarchist coffin to cover up other relevant news.

Without leaving the UK, the prestigious scientific journal ‘The Lancet’ published a report last week accusing world governments of incompetence in controlling the pandemic, with 17 million victims as a disastrous result. And no one will resign or resign for it. Even former minister Illa has worn the medal and has presented a book celebrating his inefficient work with the complicity of Sánchez and the socialist leadership. What a pity. This attitude is not surprising in a party that has fought tooth and nail for the pardon of Griñán, the Andalusian president who stayed in power with public money, buying votes left and right. If this isn’t a personal benefit, it’s because I don’t understand the meaning of the DRAE anymore.

In this context, it makes sense that someone with Minister Irene Montero’s gift of opportunity would launch the “soft man” campaign. The head of Equality is right. The “soft man” is the ideal citizen for politicians in the 21st century. The one who swallows all the lies of power without questioning his Machiavellian interests and lacks the critical sense to see the obscene passing of the monarchy.

Source: La Verdad


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