Is the comeback of the now coming?


The election results in Italy have shown that right-wing parties in Europe are back after some setbacks. They have regrouped for their comeback: they are more radical and uncompromising. Can they build on previous successes?

It was not long ago that experts and academics were concerned with how far the shift to the right will spread in Europe. We still remember: the great refugee crisis in 2015 caused a sharp rise in votes for the right-wing parties, criticism of a generous asylum policy became socially acceptable and politicians who came out as Christians loyal to their homeland suddenly became eligible. for elections. But then came the first disappointments, setbacks and – in Austria – Ibiza.

Rights have not had it easy
The FPÖ really didn’t have it easy after that, the magic of the Blue Party’s ability to rule was gone with one (or probably more) Vodka Red Bull. In Germany, too, the AfD recently had to face severe setbacks in state and local elections, and in Schleswig-Holstein they were even kicked out of the state parliament. And in France, the right-wing champion Marine Le Pen fell far short of expectations, despite all the slogans from the right-wing bag of tricks.

Why do we still need the law?
The problem: endless spinning of the populist screw stopped working, the taboo-breaking game had become dull and predictable. If even conservative parties clash with immigration, why do we still need the right? The fact that the refugee crisis was overshadowed by Corona and war did not help them either. Even trying to fish in the pond of the extreme fringe groups didn’t help.

Italy shows reinvention
But now a new era for Europe’s rights seems to have dawned. Giorgia Meloni’s electoral success in Italy shows the reluctance to declare the Right prematurely dead. In fact, it seems they are reinventing themselves. Instead of relying on chalk and the ability to rule, they are now back to aggressive angry speeches. A clear delineation of the fascist past? Italy shows: you can do without it! And always there: the game with an exit from the EU. And it seems to work.

Being radical pays off
This could also serve as an example for other right-wing parties in Europe. In times when our society is already deeply divided, strategically it only makes sense to position ourselves even more extreme. Can this radicalism lead us to a better future? That’s questionable, but that’s not what the rumblers are going for.

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