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The problem of the waste containers is and remains the eternal battlehorse in almost all municipalities in this country, whoever governs. One time, as a result of one of my crazy outbursts, I took a tour of Zeneta and counted the existing dumpsters and found over 30 among the glass, paper, plastic, and organic containers. Everything is evolving and the famous underground containers have already been installed, which take up less space, the waste smells less and prevents the fool on duty from dragging it along and leaving it in the middle of the road. Perfect! The other side of the coin is that I have to walk 200 meters to deposit the cardboard, plastic and glass… No sir! All the same and the case is solved. With a few! In fact, we all or almost all of us do that sometimes, which is no excuse. Odor nuisance is remedied by taking out the household waste in a timely manner. But the question on the part of the authorities would be, where the hell do we put them? Because there’s always the usual maverick with that of “I’m not going there, but I’m also telling you not to put them under my door because it gives off a smell you can’t see.” If we all had the same opinion, we would be wrong. And then there’s the one who protests for those who are buried or whom we as a server find somewhat off-putting, at least to the eye, when they lift the platform to clean them and more rubbish falls on the sidewalk than it should. Others trapped are the restaurateurs who are not caught close enough by the glass container to throw them out the door of the property. Al hop! Well son, with the number of stores in my town, if they each put one at the door of the store, we’ll fill the sidewalks. For example, on the day of the Bando de la Huerta of the city, we made the Gran Vía de Murcia, with the children walking along the road and the housewives with the shopping cart for three quarters. With which the restaurateurs (not all) look the other way, calling for rows and glasses in the organic shop or on the sidewalk (next to the container) and whoever picks them up. Go now…! There is nothing bad to say about the bins, as the municipal employees change the bags in the bins every two days at the most and the staff respects them very much, except for the “hustler” on duty who has one in every town. And the sweeper pees in our feet every day first thing in the morning. ole
Source: La Verdad


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