Grafiche Abi2ue company history: a bridge between the past and the future through the present


Graphic Abi2ue company history“Often the most compelling stories begin when you can’t find that something … and you decide with courage to create it”. This quote encapsulates the thought of Lucia Carla Abbiati and Armando Palmarino Biondani, husband and wife, who in 1976 decided to start something of their own by establishing Grafiche Abi2ue.

A company that from its origins has not stopped growing, progressing, establishing itself and following the continuous evolution of the printing sector, facing new challenges, which are not always easy. A business reality in which determination, passion, commitment and responsibility emerge: values ​​transmitted by the parents themselves to their children Claudio and Manuele, current co-owners of Grafiche Abi2ue. A generational change that has favored constant confrontation, emphasizing even more the potential of the company itself.

Abi2ue graphics as a bridge between the past and the future by crossing the present. The past tells a company story with great willpower, the present with its challenges dictated by market demands and the desire to invest more and more in technology and quality. The future aimed at wanting to grow and improve from the perspective of an innovative and competitive company in the sector of professional offset and digital printing.

The most significant challenge of the last decade has been the exponential growth of the digital print. Grafiche Abi2ue immediately understood the importance of investing continuously in innovation: cutting-edge technology, research of materials and papers to propose solutions in a quality / price perspective that is increasingly tailor-made for the customer.

Since what makes the difference is the one to one relationship that is established with the potential buyer, the ability to understand their requests, compare and propose solutions that can really give added value. This is in compliance with that company philosophy that summarizes the skills of 45 years of activity in the sector, where the keywords are quality, attention to one’s interlocutor and innovation.

Full cycle service: from graphic design to offset and digital printing up to the realization of the finished product. Logos, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, commercial and advertising printed matter, catalogs, personalized gadgets, corporate signage, printed matter for exhibitions, books and publishing.

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