If mom has a new one – or would like to have one


Only in the movie is the love life of a single mother conflict-free and cheerful. Sex expert Gerti Senger’s new column Lust & Love shows how newly-in-love mothers deal with rebellious children.

So he’s been single lately, Harry. Financially he is doing well, otherwise he cannot complain. He has complete freedom, can do whatever he wants. Yes, says Harry, madness, that’s what he always wanted. Actually, he could be happy with his new bachelor life and his good job. But Harry is not happy. When he’s having a glass with a lover and gets sentimental, he whines, “My ex is really lucky. She’s never alone. She’s got the kids.” That’s right, but Ricarda, who just like Harry doesn’t want to say goodbye to erotic life, has problems because of the children.

Source: Krone


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