Man City proves that money makes a lot of goals


“Krone” sports director Peter Moizi writes today in “Traffic” about the Champions League, in which the billionaire club Manchester City proves at the latest after the semi-final match with Real Madrid that money does score goals in football…

In fact complete madness. But a reflection of modern world football. The Abu Dhabi United Group around Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has invested around 2.3 billion euros in the past year and a half to make Manchester City the most successful club in the world.

However, the international success has been limited so far, with the exception of the lost final of the premier class in 2021 against Chelsea, the “Citizens” have nothing to show for this money dimension. After bitter disappointments, critics and fans questioned the mentality of the players, and some stars were even called heartless cashiers.

“No lack of concentration, otherwise we will destroy everything!”
This year, all dreams could come true: Manchester City is only the second English team after city rivals United (1999) to achieve the historic treble. Coach Pep Guardiola, who is fighting Inter for his third Champions League trophy, warns him with his index finger: “Don’t lose concentration or we will destroy everything!”

However: it doesn’t seem that way because the team looks like they want to eradicate everything that has been messed up in recent years this year. In any case, the 4:0 in the semi-final against Real showed that money can very well score a lot of goals.

Source: Krone


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