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Sportmax Denim Culture 2021 – From the large, apparently still, landscapes of the images of Franco Fontana the unstoppable power of life emerges, full of energy and colors. His most intimate shots give off a decisive, conscious charm. The narrative modalities change, but the affinity between Fontana’s work and Sportmax’s aesthetics is strong, which invited him to select eight of his most significant works and transform them into photographs to wear on the garments of the Denim Culture of which the photographer made the shots.

Denim Culture is a project entirely dedicated to jeanswear that bases its uniqueness on the collaboration with artists of various kinds, from music, to fashion, to art. A capsule collection that, from season to season, therefore comes to life from the sharing and exchange of ideas between Sportmax and a prominent person.

For its fifth edition, on the occasion of spring summer 2021, the Denim Culture capsule dialogues with the talent of the great Modenese photographer. The photos have been reproduced on the garments all in denim and on a series of T-shirts, and it is like observing a work of art expertly positioned on the garments. And which offers those who dress them the pleasure of wearing it, becoming in some way art-à-porter, a living and traveling installation, in total harmony with the spirit of the photographer who, commenting on the project, explained: “Creativity does not illustrate but interprets life”.

Franco Fontana, born in Modena in 1933, is considered one of the most important exponents of color photography since the 1960s and has always discussed the themes of color, space, form and research on light. His most famous series, Landscapes, was presented in 1970, sealing the beginning of a career that then led him to explore the urban scenarios of the United States, to get to focus on the human presence, told with metaphysical suggestions.

And to be fascinated by the microcosm of asphalt and metropolitan pavements. The looks embellished by her shots alternate oversized calibrated trousers with figure-hugging dresses, with tops where the geometric necklines let bare skin emerge.

Fontana’s images become all-out interpretations, which animate all-over a jacket, a shirt with wide sleeves, a wrap skirt and a mini with a slim fit. Or they are framed on the front of a sleeveless top with abundant shoulders, a straight miniskirt, a bustier with a bare back and two dresses, with different shapes. Also for T-shirts, two proportions, one loose and one fitted, in full-print or framed-effect variants.

The range of colors, all on a light blue denim base, echoes the colors of Fontana’s works with brushstrokes of red and yellow and with light shades of blue, pink and sage green.

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