Who made the secret recording…


And once again it’s a secret recording that really shakes up Austrian domestic politics. No one has to be naive: whoever recorded and played it certainly has a motive. And that starts with “choice” and ends with “fight”!

The ÖVP is right in some respects: creating a bad mood on the back of a dead person is not exactly nice. Christian Pilnacek, who died in October, cannot defend or justify himself. That’s not fair.

Why is this material only appearing now?
That doesn’t seem to matter to the ‘friend’ who recorded the conversation. The blow against the political opponent is valuable. The fact that they waited until after Pilnacek’s death before distributing the material to the media also speaks volumes. Why didn’t they want to release it in the summer, right after production?

Pilnacek probably would have defended himself
The once most powerful judicial official in the state would likely have fought tooth and nail. He is also said to have emphasized in mitigation that he was clearly drunk during the conversation in a bar in central Vienna, often frequented by former FPÖ politicians. He might even have taken legal action against it. But now he can’t do any of that anymore.

Anyone who thinks power is sacred, get out of politics!
All these considerations do not make the content any less spicy and newsworthy. A party that apparently thinks that having the necessary amount of power in court makes you untouchable does not actually belong in positions of responsibility. It is this thinking that destroys trust in politics. In a time of multiple crises, no one needs a crisis of confidence!

We are exactly like that!
Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen can again utter his words of warning. It is not the first time that secret recordings have exposed a moral image of our domestic politics. That’s how it works up there, that’s how those in power want it to happen, and there are no consequences at all. This time VdB needs to be corrected: we are exactly like that!

Source: Krone


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