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But if Christ was raised on the third day, Madrid rose on the third half

I understand football as well as pregnant turkeys. Besides, I don’t even like it. Nevertheless, I always want Madrid to win. To see my saint happy, of course. And for listening to the radio at night: if it goes out, there is a general blackout of stations in my house. Look, like my grandmother, who wouldn’t let us play music during Holy Week because the Lord had died.

But if Christ was resurrected on the third day, Madrid did so in the third half. And its glory was so great and so long that, a few days later, the straight patriarchy still has not lost the smile of its mouth. Pep Guardiola, on the other hand, is still devastated: I read in our group an article by Íñigo Gurruchaga entitled “Real Madrid disturbs Guardiola’s soul” and I remember “Alma en suplicio”, that Joan Crawford film for which he won the award. Oscar. Crawford did not attend the ceremony because of pneumonia. In reality, she didn’t go in case she was left calm and without an Oscar for Ingrid Bergman for “The Bells of Santa Maria,” but as soon as she knew she had won, she miraculously healed, got dressed, called the Academy to come to her house to give her the prize and called on the press to immortalize her as she picked up the figurine in bed. A boy.

My saint’s soul is also tormented when Madrid plays. And his body: The man watches the matches in nervous silence, sitting on the edge of the bench, his muscles tense in case Ancelotti asks him to jump onto the field. But recently, like Crawford, she got her reward. What I don’t understand is that with the season we’ve had, someone is surprised that Madrid win like this, like that: after a pandemic and a war and I don’t know how many other things, anything is possible.

Source: La Verdad


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