Black and red next?


The Chancellor’s ‘no’ to Herbert Kickl is clear and unequivocal. If you assume that turquoise-green is also not a coalition model for the future, there is really only one thing left: black-red!

Chancellor Karl Nehammer was even more than clear in his rejection of Herbert Kickl in’s Summer Lecture, even excluding him as a minister in a new government constellation! Of course he still left a back door open by saying: “The FPÖ is more than Herbert Kickl.” But the belligerent FPÖ boss will certainly not refrain from wanting to help govern when the worst comes to the worst. So black and blue new is out!

Green will want to rule again, but…
It is more than unlikely that the current coalition will work overtime. The Greens will certainly do everything in their power to stay on the bench of government – but in the end this constellation enjoys little popular support. Satisfaction levels are in the basement, many postulated ‘milestone laws’, such as the climate protection law, are a long time coming. The atmosphere of “The Best of Both Worlds” is long gone!

Babler and Kickl? Almost unthinkable!
Even if the left half of the Reich finally sees the time for red-green-pink and the “traffic light coalition” is also popular with the population, this variant is still quite unlikely. After all, three-way constellations are considered unstable. And it seems almost inconceivable that the NEOS would get carried away by SPÖ boss Andreas Babler’s ultimatum: an inheritance tax. Who asks now: And what about red-blue? Babler and Kickl – that’s almost unthinkable!

Advantages and disadvantages of black and red
The most likely variant is currently a new edition of black and red. A coalition with retro charm! She has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage: the country already has experience with it – it is one of the most formed governments at the federal level, most recently under Christian Kern (SPÖ). The downside: you shouldn’t expect much crunchiness. Fresh wind? Out of place! But maybe that’s just the right thing in these turbulent times.

Source: Krone


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