“They would have broken your bones sooner!”


Krone columnist Andreas Herzog will soon face Wales and Saudi Arabia as South Korea’s assistant coach. Before that, he explains his anger at the strike professionals, what he hopes for in the case of UEFA and FIFA and why he had to make a promise to Otto Rehhagel in Bremen.

With stomach ache I followed the last transfers. Because football is becoming more and more a business. Transfer fees, salaries and consultancy fees are spiraling out of control, I see the danger that the fans will lose the fun at some point. The long transfer time is also stressful for the coaches, you never know how to plan. If your top striker leaves, you miss twenty goals this season. The club has a nice account, but if you fail, you will be fired. But the worst thing for me is the free strike. The clubs used to be in control, but since the Bosman ruling, power has been in the hands of the players and advisors.

Source: Krone


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