Enthusiasm about GAK against Sturm! Tradition attracts


Sports director Peter Moizi of “Krone” writes today in “Stop Duty” that matches like the one between GAK and Sturm Graz, two absolutely traditional clubs, can provide sensation and enthusiasm, even in the cup competition, which is not exactly hyped in Austria – that tradition is just “pulling”…

Beautiful memories of childhood in Upper Styria. While playing football in the schoolyard, the same question was asked again and again: “Are you Sturm or GAK?” The derbies of the 80s and 90s will remain in your memory forever. For example, the beer showers in the ‘Gruabn’, the self-dramatization of GAK trainer Adi Pinter about the Körösistraße – or the unabashed arguments between the presidents in front of the camera.

Traditional clubs suffered a financial collapse
Unimaginable fantasies followed. Sturm became a regular in the Champions League under Ivica Osim, and GAK triumphed against Liverpool in the European Cup under Walter Schachner. Being too good to be true. After countless heroics, both traditional clubs experienced financial collapse. While Sturm got away with a black eye, the GAK woke up in the eighth division.

The biggest winner is football!
The Styrians proudly fought their way back, Sturm leads the Bundesliga table, GAK dominates in the second division. The derby has been sold out for weeks, the classic steals the show from all other matches. A great example of how much tradition works and how much established clubs can achieve. The biggest winner is football.

Unlike other countries, enthusiasm for the cup in Austria is limited – but matches like GAK against Sturm even bring the not exactly hyped competition into focus.

Source: Krone


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