Balance between fun and safety


The discussion about sexual control and freedom reflects individual fears and moral ideas. While some prefer strict boundaries to minimize risk, others discover liberation through trust and letting go as the key to true enjoyment.

How much control does sex need? For David (28) the answer is: a lot. ‘Sexuality also has something dangerous, loss of control, you switch off and don’t know what you will be like afterwards.’ About nine percent of the population thinks that sexual desire does more harm than good. Strict moral or religious ideas can speak against too much self-indulgence.

Even those who have experienced boundary violations may feel a desire for control during sexual encounters. Maybe it’s the fear of infections or unwanted pregnancy that makes sex seem like a risk. People like David usually have good reasons why they want to preventively limit their sexuality.

Limitations of sexual desire
However, if you monitor yourself and others too much during sex, you will soon notice that sexual inhibition spreads. The fun stops. Pleasurable sexuality regularly exceeds the limits of reason. That can be scary. Fortunately, there are fundamental limits to behavior, even under the influence of sexual desire.

Nothing bad happens when you give in to desire. A little self-sacrifice is even necessary to enjoy sex. For Stefanie (46) it was the best experience ever when she was able to let go during sex and not feel bad afterwards. With confidence you can re-cultivate pleasure.

Source: Krone


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