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The key’ is part of our memories, but also of our readings. As Spain is a place with few books on television, there are many on television in the Transition

Many people who haven’t seen her live have seen Lola Flores smoking in ‘La Clave’ and an onlooker answering why she wasn’t wearing a bata de cola anymore. Of course he said he did. Then came the remembered moment, “Maybe I’ll ask them to put it in the box.” A silence. “The Tail Dress”. And everyone laughs. It was a program devoted to folk music and it started with Estrellita Castro singing ‘Mi jaca’ in ‘Cantares’. The movie was ‘Los Tarantos’, by Rovira Beleta. And there were Marifé de Triana, Juanito Valderrama. Antonita Moreno, Paquita Rico, Vázquez Montalban and Jose Miguel Ullán. Until Thursday, only Balbín and Antoñita Moreno survived. Now only hair and the lace of her body.

It was a pre-Christmas show and they started with an impromptu Christmas carol. The intellectuals, no. That day things were so Spanish that simultaneous interpretation was not necessary, which sounds as familiar to us as the tune of Carmelo Bernaola.

Before they asked me for something like an obituary, a friend had already told me that Balbín had passed away. Also that he made it clear to many that the deceased was José Luis Balbín, not J Balvin.

For other people, those of a certain age, ‘La clave’ is part of our memory, but also of our readings. As Spain is a place with few books on television, there are many on television in the Transition. And so about ‘La clave’ and its devastating importance. We remember the debate, but also the movies. Even the bad ones, like ‘Ssssssssssssssss’ where mad scientist turned Dirk Benedict into a snake. I go for the usual: the homeland is children’s television.

Source: La Verdad


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