The movie came to mind when I saw Irene Montero, Isa Serra and Ángela Rodríguez in New York (and Washington)

My favorite Tarzan film is Richard Thorpe’s ‘Tarzan in New York’ (1942). It is the last of the Metro (although he would later save the series) and the last of Maureen O’Sullivan. Tarzan, Jane and Chita are sent to New York after Boy is kidnapped and put to work in a circus. It’s a great comedy and Chita has never been better. There’s a moment when Tarzan walks into a nightclub and says, “It smells like a Swahili swamp. Why do people stay? And then there’s the general criticism (naive but amusing) of many aspects of our supposed civilization.

The movie came to mind when I saw Irene Montero, Isa Serra and Ángela Rodríguez in New York (and Washington). A friend’s mother had a saying that we never understood, even though we knew what it meant. He used it when someone showed up somewhere with nothing to do. ‘He must have gone to remove consumption’, was the unfathomable expression to us. We continue to use it in his memory. These have gone to take away the consumptions. Montero la Chica says they traveled to “work to strengthen international feminist alliances.”

On the other hand, Díaz Ayuso has been in Miami and struck a good balance (more than 20 investors are said to have expressed interest in Madrid). The best thing about these trips is to read them in the media as opposed to the expedition. What if Ayuso only had one microphone from EFE, another from OK Diario and another from Telemadrid. That if Montero spoke to one of TVE and two cell phones. Have you read Muñoz Molina about the trip of a Valencian delegation to Cervantes in New York? That these trips are always to eliminate consumption. To spend.

Source: La Verdad


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