Alliances, benefices and new beginnings in the wide land


The state elections have been won, almost all important political posts in Lower Austria have been filled, and yet the blue-and-yellow state government is still far from complete. Who will do what and which party will be assigned which department and why – we answer all these questions for you. In our new ‘Political Weekly Divider’ section, we take you behind the scenes of state politics in the middle of the week.

Two seats for the farmers’ association, two for the ÖAAB – after the state elections, the ÖVP team in the state government has a clear key. As for the seats in the state parliament, the “Krone” reported that there were already great tensions between the two powerful federations. The other groups, such as the Economic Association, senior citizens or women’s representatives have little to do with it. Not entirely true: with Jochen Danninger, the economic group now holds at least the position of ÖVP club chairman. So: Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister, Stephan Pernkopf, Ludwig Schleritzko and Jochen Danninger.

Source: Krone


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