Dress warmly, the times are coming!


“Please move on, there’s nothing to see here” was probably the motto of our federal government’s renewed advisory round on Tuesday. Despite all the negative signs, Austria remains only at the gas early warning level. If the government won’t tell you, let it be clear here: Shut up, because we’re going to have a hard time!

It is a bit schizophrenic if Austria, despite the tense situation, remains at the level of early warning and at the same time wants to encourage companies to use other energy sources as well. Also the request to save some energy and take precautions is quite nice. But that the problem can be solved so easily is unfortunately unrealistic.

Putin will continue to pressure us
Because yes, Energy Secretary Leonore Gewessler is right when she says she cannot predict “how Vladimir Putin will behave”. But: with a behaviorally original autocrat with perfidiously cool strategic skills, we don’t have to believe in particularly good things. He will not just let the sanctions rest on him and will put a lot of pressure on us in retaliation. You don’t have to be a great profiler to do this.

We were too gullible
Even believing Putin’s loyalty to the pact when he promised our chancellor that our gas supply was “sure” was naive. Even then – a few months ago – all alarm bells should have ringed and we should have taken precautions. Maybe there had been something to renovate. Now that the cold winter is looming, it is much too late to start major consultations.

It’s too late for velvet gloves now
It is therefore advisable to prepare the population NOW for a severe winter. After all, Corona and the experiences with the vaccination campaign should have shown us that you should start pouring clean wine for us as soon as possible so that – if it gets serious – everyone really understands that they have to turn off the lights in the evening. It’s already too late for velvet gloves and a false sense of calm. We must build now.

What the Minister of Energy does not want to tell
We now have to start saving on electricity and gas where possible. We must take precautions and switch to other sources where possible. We also need to talk about how to deal with Putin if the current situation lasts longer. Even if the Minister of Energy does not want to tell you so clearly: we must act now!

Source: Krone


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