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Uniqlo + J spring summer 2021: the iconic designer Jil Sander brings his distinctive modern style to this line for women and men.

Uniqlo + J spring summer 2021 is the collection that marks the renewal of Uniqlo’s collaboration with iconic designer Jil Sander, who brings his distinctive modern style to this exceptional line for women and men.

The + J spring summer 2021 collection captures the feeling of emerging from the darkness of winter and enjoying the energy and lightness of spring. Stripped down to their purest form, the crisp silhouettes display airy clarity.

Uniqlo + J spring summer 2021: the video

“The overall idea is refinement,” commented Jil Sander. “A kind of purity that makes us think of regeneration and a new beginning.”

The sculptural and defined tailoring emphasizes movement, lightness and space. The careful design infuses the essential pieces with versatility and practicality for the outdoors. A selection of natural fibers and comfortable mixes define simple styles with luxurious textures and bright accents. The colors reflect the color palette of the Northern Lights, with the indigo and ink of the summer night skies in cold contrast with ivory, caramel, gray and khaki.

Uniqlo + J spring summer 2021: the collection

The mix of light technical silk is the strong point of the women’s offer, from the graphic half-sleeve dress and flared skirt to the subtly refined summer parka. Exquisitely crafted from soft Supima cotton, the stunning three-quarter bat sleeve shirt has a voluminous silhouette. Supima cotton gives a soft sheen to an oversized short sleeve t-shirt for a classy look.

Exceptional craftsmanship also distinguishes the men’s line up. A long oversized hooded coat with a light gray texture displays carefully sculpted 3D volumes, while a classic polo is defined by a fresh fit. Authentic selvedge jeans for men and women feature a modern straight silhouette.

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