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The former speaker of parliament had the theatrical courage to chair an anti-corruption summit

I don’t know if religiosity is a power transferred to the Autonomous Communities so that the prayers of an Extremadura have no effect in Cantabria, say, and vice versa, but I would risk begging the Virgin of Montserrat – to who for reasons I have never asked for anything – that the outgoing president of the Catalan parliament is innocent of the crimes – false documents and scams – attributed to her, despite the fact that the evidence is not reassuring. And I beg you, with due humility, because if the former president were proved guilty of what she is accused of, it would be a blow to our democracy, both in its Catalan version and in its state variants, and not because it added a case of corruption, which in the end does not surprise or scandalize anyone, but because it would demonstrate one of the evils plaguing an important sector of the political class: childishness.

A few days before she knew she would face trial, the now-former president had the theatrical courage to chair an anti-corruption summit, in which she made it very clear, in the manner of a schoolgirl caught copy in one review: “In democracies corrupted by authoritarian tics, sometimes corruption can also cease to be a problem to be eliminated and perversely become a weapon to fight political dissent.” Damaged democracies and perversions on the sidelines, his tone rose to the highest sphere of the melodrama: “Those who want me dead will have to kill me and get their hands dirty”, but the first stumbling block came when he tried to make Parliament ignore the rule that a parliamentarian under investigation for corruption must be removed from office: «I hope, I wish and I want to believe that the members of the Bureau will act as democratic deputies and with respect for fundamental rights, not as judges or inquisitors». Unfortunately, there was no such luck: they acted like judges and inquisitors, based on the scandalous premise that the rules are there to be followed.

I insist: I beg the Virgin of Montserrat – who has already performed the miracle of merging the telluric left and the native corrupt right in the same government – ​​that nothing attributed to Mrs Borràs is true and that those who stain their hands with their innocent blood, they are forced to resign or at the very least walk down the Ramblas wearing fine caps. Because in the magical worlds of children, fairies, winged and phosphorescent creatures should not be victims of monsters.

Source: La Verdad


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