Almeida says she learned about her cousin’s involvement in the mask contract from


The mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martინnez-Almeida, read on that his cousin had interfered in the contract of the mask. The high priest appeared before the Villa de Vallecas district council this Thursday to defend the council as a victim of all this and to ensure that a week ago he did not know that his relative was the first to contact the businessmen: “My cousin was able to intervene in the contract. What we are doing the same week is a documentary analysis,” the mayor said.

By its appearance, Martinez-Almeida argued that at the time, in March 2020, the international market was the “jungles” in which the council moved with one interest: to obtain protective material for key personnel. “If you tell me that after we hear what happened, we will sign a contract to buy expensive cars for two people, we will not do that,” he said. “I also say that I follow the actions of all the technicians of the City Council in those days,” he added.

A Madrid adviser explained that Luis Medina Abascal, one of the businessmen now charged, had contacted his cousin through a person known to both of them. And he reiterated that his cousin had given him an e-mail used to centralize materials contract processes in emergencies. He recently announced that there are two emails: two letters from Louis Medina to the City Hall General Coordination Mailbox on March 18 and 19. This is the way as many that he had to get in touch with the City Council. “We had more than 1,000 offers in those days,” he added.

In response to questions from this newspaper, the mayor stated that he did not know whether these letters would be delivered to the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office in accordance with the information requirements. In these letters, he adds, Medina “delivers her mobile number” and there begins her contact with a senior Treasury official who testified before an anti-corruption official.

Mary also alleges that Luis Medina did not have a friendly relationship with her cousin, but rather contacted him through a mediator, contrary to what the anti-corruption organization said in her complaint. “It’s hard to be friendly when you do not know if you are a relative or a cousin,” he said, referring to an interview Medina gave to El Confidencial this Thursday.

Regarding the intervention of the cousin, Almeida denies that it is a mediator: “It is difficult to understand that there is mediation,” he said. He also stressed that after more than a year, “neither he nor I have been summoned.”

Citizens demand an audit

Deputy Mayor for Citizen Affairs Begonia Villas appeared after Mayor separately and not jointly, as usual. “It is logical that we will appear separately today. It is very important that the City Council abandons all innovations and maintains the institution,” he said. “I have no reason not to believe him,” he added, referring to Almeida’s explanations in the same room a few minutes ago.

The deputy mayor of Madrid, after denying that he was going to break the governing coalition he has with the People’s Party in this situation, said that his party was requesting two audits: an external audit because, he said, “it is clear that control failed. “, And the second audit was assigned to the Chamber of Accounts.

Villacís closed the door to disperse the municipal coalition. “This scenario is not on the table,” he said of the possible departure of the CEO of Madrid. Nor is the propaganda of the demand for knowledge: “It is not on the table, we know it is not happening.”

Source: El Diario


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