Begoña Villacís requests two audits of the investigated contracts


The mayor and deputy mayor, as usual, did not appear together after a meeting of Madrid’s governing council this Thursday. In the midst of a crisis sparked by an investigation into millionaire commissions caused by the City Council’s three contracts on sanitary supplies in March 2020, Begonia Villachis has announced she will not violate a pact she maintains with PP in the consortium, but she will need up to two contract audits. , In the worst pandemic of 2020.

“Normally, when we leave Cibeles, we show up together, but with the events of the last few hours, it seemed to me that it was a bit dishonest, it made no sense,” Villas said as he entered the Villa de Vallecas. Board room. “It is logical that we will appear separately today. It is very important that the City Council get rid of all the news that has been issued and maintain the institution,” he added, before being investigated. Court from the capital.

The Deputy Mayor for Citizen Affairs said his party is in favor of this urgent procedure requiring a dual audit of the contracts examined and the rest of the contracts concluded under the pandemic. The first is an ‘external’ audit, so the third party is conducting the audit because it is obvious that the control has failed, he said. A second audit is then requested from the Accounting Chamber.

Begoña Villacís also ruled out a breach of the pact allowing Ciudadanos to run the Spanish capital with a popular party. “I have no reason not to believe it,” he said of the explanations given by his partner in the same room a few minutes ago. “I think Ciudadanos is behaving properly,” he added.

Anti-corruption prosecutors have convicted two businessmen, Luis Medina and Alberto Lucienio, of charging $ 6 million from two emergency contracts to deliver masks and antibody tests to Madrid in late March 2020, in the worst conditions of the first wave. . The same Thursday, Madrid’s 47th Court announced an admissibility hearing on the appeal, awarding both, and a consistent offer of action to prosecute.

“We have seen how people who, when they had the worst time in Madrid, took advantage of the administration’s despair and the money that the Madridians pay in taxes, which is expensive to pay. “He went on expensive yachts, luxury watches, luxury homes, lavish weekends, very expensive cars, and that is obscene and unbearable,” said the deputy mayor.

Source: El Diario


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