EA says Ramírez has been suspended, making it “impossible for him to participate in an internal trial”


Eusko Alkartasuna’s spokesman, Iker Ruiz de Egino, has spoken out in favor of Ramírez’s “urging” to “name himself a candidate for general secretary” of EA.

The spokesman for Eusko Alkartasuna, Iker Ruiz de Eginoinsisted on Friday that Maiorga Ramirez He has been suspended for four years for committing three very serious crimes, which make it “impossible for him to participate in any internal trial”.

He has thus spoken for the, underlined, “press” de Ramírez by “nominating himself as a candidate for the general secretary” of EA and after the Navarrese parliamentarian insisted in statements to the media that, after the latest court ruling, it is appropriate to start the primary process and all ” to put an end to the black cycle” in which the formation has been submerged.

This intersection of statements comes after a court in Vitoria-Gasteiz has dismissed the latest appeal filed by EA General Secretary Eba Blanco against the order ordering the repeat of the primaries in which she was elected following the annulment of Ramírez’s candidacy.

Regarding Ramírez’s suspension, Ruiz de Egino explains that it is due to “three very serious violations included in the regulations on rights, duties and disciplinary system”, adding that it is a strong sanction, as there are no previously appealed. the Guarantee Committee.

At the same time, he qualifies “unfounded” the allegations made about “the alleged lack of transparency and democracy” and assures that they are not sustained because it was the national leadership “which agreed to give the floor to the affiliation by convening the ordinary national congress”.

With regard to Ramírez, he points out that “despite being elected deputy, he freely decided not to present himself to the Secretary-General when he determined that he did not have the support of the majority and now he has a completely anti-democratic flee forward by trying to muzzle the will of Congress. nationally”.

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Source: EITB


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