Hard asylum line – “Tough woman”: ÖVP Tirol respects Sachslehner


The Tyrolean ÖVP still does not agree that the climate bonus of 500 euros should also be paid to asylum seekers. They have “clearly positioned themselves in terms of content, there is nothing to add,” state manager Martin Malaun said at a press conference on Monday. The state party recently sharply criticized the admission of asylum seekers and spoke of a “fatal signal”. He expressed his respect for Secretary-General Laura Sachslehner, who resigned on Saturday.

When asked if he had any respect for Sachslehner’s move because, as she said, she stood by her values, Malaun said, “Yes. I know you well. She’s a tough woman.” If a general secretary says she can’t handle a particular question like this anymore and she “holds on to her leash” and takes a “clear stance”, then “this step will probably have been necessary”, so the campaigning Tyrolean ÖVP -manager.

misunderstanding about the decision
But it is a matter of a coalition – and in such a coalition there are transactions and necessary compromises. The Tyrolean ÖVP always say their opinion – “Tirol is Tyrol” – and that does not always correspond to the one in Vienna, Malaun says. However, the decision has been made, said the state manager, who was not disappointed when the federal party asked him. “People” would not understand that the settlement was decided in this way – he only noticed that again at a festival over the weekend. In any case, the state party positioned itself “internally” in the coalition decision at the federal level last year – and now publicly.

The Tyrolean ÖVP came rolling last week, calling for an “immediate review of payment modalities by the federal government”. The state party had said the climate bonus for asylum seekers was an “unacceptable and fatal signal”. Tyrol’s ÖVP chairman and top candidate Anton Mattle spoke out in favor of investigating the scheme, including for prisoners.

ideology to have “well”
On Sunday, Franz Hörl, the head of the economic association and MP for the Austrian People’s Party, followed and attacked its coalition partner, the Greens. He spoke of “ideological obsession”. Incidentally, Malaun did not want to talk about that on Monday. Because he thinks it’s “good” if you have an ideology and stand behind it.

Source: Krone


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