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The political parties will start analyzing Sunday’s results and possible pacts and agreements this Monday, as it is doubtful who will be the next mayor or mayor in some municipalities. We analyze the possible alliances:

After yesterday and with the results of the municipal and regional elections on the table, the political parties started this Monday with a more detailed analysis of these results and with a view to future alliances to rule in congregations and institutions of Hego Euskal Herria. PNV and PSE-EE would not achieve an absolute majority in some of them, which could broaden the negotiating table.

Following EH Bildu’s good results, the Abertzale coalition has confirmed its readiness to govern and will receive the support of left-wing parties such as Elkarrekin Podemos to do so. The popular ones, in turn, have made it clear that they intend to close the doors to EH Bildu so that it does not rise to power.

What are the formulas that the parties in the municipalities of Hego Euskal Herria can use to govern?


By area, in Guipuzkoa EH Bildu has clearly set himself up for the PNV as the first force. The coalition led by Maddalen Iriarte has achieved 22 junteros, 5 more than 4 years ago. For its part, the jeltzale party has lost 3 and kept 17, but it does not give up the Gipuzkoa administration. For example, he has suggested that he will present Eider Mendoza’s candidacy for deputy general. Of course he will need the support of the PSE-EE and the PP.

Possible appointments in Gipuzkoa

As for the municipalities, in pasia And andoain chances are that the socialists will lose control in favor of EH Bildu. In kill yourself, EH Bildu preceded the PNV, but did not secure the position of mayor. In toulouseyes: EH Bildu has taken away the mayoralty of the PNV.


In the town hall of PamplonaUPN has obtained the largest number of council members, although EH Bildu’s candidate Joseba Asiron could run for mayor if the PSN allows it.

In stella UPN is the first force, but it will be the post-election agreements that determine the mayoralty.

Possible appointments in Navarre

Possible appointments in Navarre


In Gernika Jose Maria Gorroño loses the mayoralty of his candidacy “Guztiontzat herria”. He won six seats, as many as EH Bildu, who won the elections in this municipality.

Possible appointments in Bizkaia

Possible appointments in Bizkaia

In Durango It also remains to be seen what happens where EH Bildu ruled with 7 representatives thanks to the key of Elkarrekin, who have not reached representation on this occasion. EH Bildu, for his part, has increased his representation by two councilors, bringing it to nine. It was able to strengthen power thanks to the councilor for the municipal candidacy Herriaren Eskubidea. But PNV is left with 8 and PSE-EE also repeats itself, with two mayors. They would add up to 9. Everything stays on the roof of Carlos Garcia’s PP with a rep.

In sopela, where EH Bildu won the election, but who will win the mayoralty is doubtful. Elkarrekin Podemos has the key.


One of the biggest rivalries expected was in Vitoria-Gasteiz, and that’s how it went. EH Bildu has achieved a historic victory in the capital of Álava, but the result was close. With Rocío Vitero at the helm, the Sovereignist coalition has won 22.8% of the vote and has seven councillors.

But the abertzale coalition is followed by the socialists, populares and jeltzales, in that order, with six councilors each and a tenth difference between them. Behind that, the Elkarrekin coalition gained two councilors, one fewer than in 2019.

With these results, governance is at stake, and it will be seen whether Vitero obtains the mayoralty, or whether, with appointments, the Socialist Maider Etxebarria might be the next mayor. Pending possible agreements, it is therefore certain that Vitoria-Gasteiz will have a female mayor for the first time.

Possible appointments in Álava

Possible appointments in Álava

labastida And The guardFor their part, they are historical strongholds of the PP – although the mayoral office was left in the hands of the PNV in the 2019 elections – and on this occasion the PP has also won. In any case, if PNV and EH Bildu reach an agreement, they could govern.

In Jew EH Bildu is the first force, while the PNV takes the second position. It will be the Omnia civic platform that decides who is given the mayor’s office (presumably EH Bildu). The office of mayor is currently held by the PNV. In Amurrio the PNV won, but EH Bildu could achieve an absolute majority with the PSE-EE.

Source: EITB


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