State elections – Svazek is the top candidate of the FPÖ


After the NEOS and the Greens, the Salzburg Freedom Party officially identified the top candidate for the state elections on April 23, 2023 on Monday. Unsurprisingly, the state party leadership unanimously nominated Marlene Svazek and re-introduced her as president of the state party for the October 1 party conference. Secretary-General Michael Schnedlitz announced this on Tuesday.

“I know the surprise is not too big,” admitted Svazek himself. But as the party congress is approaching, that must be resolved now. Creating the lists will then start in November. And even if she protested today that she would not start an election campaign yet, she then handed over two posters that are now being hung and the party leader with the slogans “Heimat. Freedom. Safety” and “Different from the others” or “Standing up for our future”. “We do not want to mobilize for a certain voting behaviour, but so that people do not withdraw from politics completely.”

Avoid black-green as a target
And today she did not hold back with an election goal: they want to avoid black-green and become stronger, so much so that the FPÖ cannot be avoided when forming a government.

In the last state elections in 2018, the FPÖ, led by top candidate Svazek, won 18.8 percent (up 1.8 percentage points) or 7 (up 1) out of 36 seats, becoming the third strongest party behind the ÖVP and SPÖ. The target 20 percent was missed at the time, as was the desire to participate in government.

Source: Krone


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