Driving bans in summer – “congestion refugees” in Tyrol: 73,000 rejections


It is known that Tyrol has taken measures in the field of holiday traffic this year: to prevent passing people from driving off the motorway in a traffic jam and clogging the low-lying road network, the so-called exit bans were again in effect in the summer. The result: There were more than 70,000 rejections in total, most of them along B179 Fernpassstraße.

This summer, the Tyrolean police sent some 73,000 vehicles back onto the autobahn as they wanted to use the lower road network to avoid a traffic jam. The departure ban applied for eight weekends and two public holidays. The Reutte district was particularly affected by the Fernpass route.

More than 40,000 rejections in the Ausserfern
Due to excursions, travel and through traffic, there was also a lot of traffic in the district of Innsbruck-Land, but less in the district of Kufstein. In total there were about 29,300 rejections this year in the district of Innsbruck-Land, about 2,600 in the district of Kufstein, more than 40,400 in the district of Reutte and about 440 near Innsbruck-Stadt.

“Especially needed this year”
For Tyrolean politicians, the figures showed that the departure bans “were urgently needed again this year”. “After consultation with experts, major handicaps and traffic disruptions could be avoided during busy weekends in the Reutte area, in Kufstein and in the greater Innsbruck area,” said Governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) and his deputy Ingrid Felipe (Greens). ) in a broadcast. Target, resident and inbound traffic were excluded.

For Felipe, the extension of the weekend ban on lorry driving in the summer to Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. has also proved its worth. “Next year we also want to include Whit Monday, one of the most traffic-intensive days of the year, in the driving ban calendar,” said the Minister of Transport.

Source: Krone


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