Corona financing – Red children’s friends received 2.4 million euros


After the ÖVP, the SPÖ now also has a problem with corona financing.

The dispute over payments from the fund of the non-profit organization associated with Vice-Chancellor Kogler (Greens) is one chapter richer. As is known, the ÖVP-related seniors’ association would repay the millions in financing.

But now funds are also appearing on a financing list for the children’s friends affiliated with SPÖ. In concrete terms, this concerns a total of 2.4 million euros. The Kinderfreunde themselves indicate on their website that it is a social-democratic organization. And the association sent six delegates to the SPÖ party conference, and the general director is also in the Bundesrat for the party.

leave status?
Interesting detail: The Wikipedia article on the Kinderfreunde was changed amid the commotion over payments to the ÖVP-affiliated Senior Citizens’ Association. In the summer of 2021, for example, they would have given up their status as an organization close to the SPÖ and associated rights and obligations. In a chat available to “Krone,” the author and a reader who complained about the lack of clarity discussed the matter. Finally, it was agreed that the matter was complicated.

Source: Krone


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