Rochade with the Greens – Martina Berthold succeeds Heinrich Schellhorn


Martina Berthold takes over from Heinrich Schellhorn in the state government. She should also lead the Greens to the state elections next year.

On Friday, the state committee of the Greens decided on the successor to the resigned state spokesman Heinrich Schellhorn. After Astrid Rössler, who retired in 2018, it will be a woman again. The current Salzburg Alderman for Architecture, Martina Berthold, will take over from Schellhorn. She would also be the party’s top candidate for April’s state elections.

Berthold was already a state councilor in the government from 2013 to 2018. After the election defeat in 2018, she switched to the citizens’ list in the capital and has been a building councilor since 2019.

With Berthold’s move to the state, the city council post in Salzburg must also be reassigned. Alderman Anna Schiester in particular has a good chance.

Source: Krone


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