EH Bildu calls for mobilization on November 12 to show that “another Euskal Herria is possible”


In Friday’s presentation, the pro-independence coalition called for “structural measures and a lot of mobilization”, pointing to the “need to respond to the crisis of the left”.

Euskaraz irakurri: EH Bilduk azaroaren 12an mobilizatzeko deia egin du, “dear Euskal Herri bat posible” dela erakusteko

EH Bildu has called for the “overflowing” of the streets of Bilbao on Nov 12 To demonstrate that: “another Euskal Herria is possible”.

The Deputy of the General Coordinator of EH Bildu, Unai Urruzuno, presented this Friday in Ibarrangelu (Bizkaia) the motto of the mobilization: “Abante! Euskal olatua geldi ezina”.

Urruzuno has defended the need to respond to the crisis from the left and with structural measures. He also explained that a “severe winter” is coming and that the situation is economically, socially and environmentally “very alarming”, and that the governments want to deal with it with “palliative measures” as if it were a “storm”. , and no doubt that “the policies they have adopted are the cause.”

The Independentista has attributed the problem to “the ferocious capitalism of production and consumption that the planet can’t stand.”

In his view, the same situation exists in Euskadi with some institutions that “implement public policy for the benefit of a few, such as energy companies with ‘Basque label’ “.

Urruzuno has considered that in this situation it is necessary to: “structural measures and a lot of mobilization” such as on November 12 next year creating “a Basque and left-wing wave”.

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Source: EITB


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