Hours Before the Showdown – How the Top Candidates Spend Election Day


The countdown has begun: Tyrol elects a new state parliament on Sunday! What is the schedule for the top candidates on the big day of the decision? They revealed it in advance to the “Tiroler Krone”.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is Election Day. And election day is payday. The top candidates have an important day ahead of them. But how do you spend the last hours until the showdown in the evening?

Andrea Haselwanter-Schneider, top candidate on the Fritz list:

“My daily routine on election day is finally relaxed again after intensive weeks. I want to sleep in, then have breakfast with my family and then go to Oberperfuss around 10:30 am to vote. Later I go out for coffee with friends and in the early afternoon I go out for dinner with the family. Then we go to our office, where I look forward to the first projections. We will close the election night in restaurant La Trattoria on Sparkassenplatz in Innsbruck.”

Gebi Mair, the top candidate of the Green Party:

“Weather permitting, in the morning I go for a mountain hike with my boyfriend. That’s what happened to me the past few weeks. From the early afternoon I sit first in the green office on Müllerstrasse and then I commute between the manor and the glass painting.”

Markus Abwerzger, FP top candidate:

“Tomorrow I’m going to sleep in first and then have breakfast with my family. Then I do a forest run. I even go to the polls in Axams around noon. The afternoon is then all my family’s again. Only after the first projection at 5 p.m. will I go to the mansion.”

Georg Dornauer, SP top candidate:

“As mayor of Sellrain, I am also the election official in my community – as the only top candidate. The primary school polling station opens at 7am, I’m going to vote right away. Gates close at 1pm and counting continues until about 3pm I’ll be in Innsbruck at 3:30 PM at the earliest, and I’ll be following the first projection at party headquarters at 5:00 PM, and from 6:00 PM I’ll be commuting between our election party and media appointments in the mansion.”

Anton Mattle, VP Lead Candidate:

“I start Election Sunday as an early bird in my home church. I go for a walk early in the morning. This is followed by a hearty breakfast and then I go to the polls. Then I spend time with the family before going to the Landhaus in Innsbruck. And then comes our election ceremony, which we hold in the vaulted courtyard diagonally across from the mansion.”

Dominik Oberhofer, Neos’ top candidate:

“I attend the Election Commission in Mils. After lunch I spend time with my family. Our election party will take place in the Paninothek restaurant on Boznerplatz in Innsbruck.”

Source: Krone


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