This is how candidates chose – Deeply relaxed Abwerzger came in jogging outfit


Dominik Oberhofer (Neos) started nine days ago, then it was Gebi Mair (Greens) turn last Tuesday – both cast their votes by post. The other four top candidates followed today’s state elections on Sunday: Anton Mattle (ÖVP), Georg Dornauer (SPÖ), Andrea Haselwanter-Schneider (Fritz list) and Markus Abwerzger (FPÖ). The “Krone” was also present when the still incumbent Tyrolean governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) voted.

He was the first to do it: Neos top candidate Dominik Oberhofer voted nine days ago – by letter at Innsbruck town hall. He was confident: “On September 25, there is a historic opportunity, a change at the top is possible.” : “It’s a historic opportunity to usher in a change.”

Gebi Mair also chose to vote by post
Last Tuesday, Gebi Mair, the Greens’ top candidate, also decided to cast his vote by post – also at Innsbruck’s town hall. He had a clear message: “My voting card with my name, for the climate and against corruption.”

As mayor also election officer
The remaining candidates voted in their respective communities this Sunday. Georg Dornauer, the SPÖ’s top candidate, is also the mayor of Sellrain and the only top candidate there. At 7 a.m., he opened the gates of the polling station and immediately cast his vote. The “Krone” accompanied him on his way to the polling station – at the end of the video he waved to his voters – almost statesman.

“I think a threesome is going to happen”
ÖVP top candidate and provincial governor candidate Anton Mattle walked to the polls at 8.30 am to the sound of the church bell – together with his wife Daniela in Galtür. After that, he was cautiously optimistic about the result: “Of course the terms and conditions are tricky, but it was definitely worth approaching people. I think a threesome will work.”

Petra Wohlfahrtstätter, who today forms the top team of the Tyrolean Greens for the state elections with Gebi Mair, came to the municipal office in Trins at 10:00 am.

With husband and two sons to the polling station
Andrea Haselwanter-Schneider, top candidate on the Fritz list, went to Oberperfuss primary school with her husband at 10:30 am to cast their vote. “Tonight will definitely change. I have a very good feeling about our party,” she emphasized just before the vote.

Abwerzger verbally assaulted by pensioner
And FPÖ top candidate Markus Abwerzger marched in a sporty outfit to the primary school in Axams at noon. He just came from a forest run, “that’s why I’m deeply relaxed”. The blue politician answered questions from journalists: “I am very enthusiastic about the result. We definitely want to secure second place,” he emphasized. As if out of nowhere, he was suddenly verbally attacked by a cheerful Tyrolean woman: “Mr Abwerzger, when I just saw you, my heart rate shot up to 180. You express yourself more than badly, talk like Herbert Kickl and always say you “You are only the best top candidate and everyone else is worthless. That is absolutely not okay, the FPÖ is fundamentally bad.” Abwerzger kept calm, started the conversation, let the retiree finish, then said, “I accept your opinion, but I don’t agree with you everywhere.”

Also LH Günther Platter accompanied the “Krone” at 10:30 am – for the last time as governor of Tyrol.

Source: Krone


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