Garmendia and Elorza offer sufficient guarantees and compete for mayor of San Sebastián


The Gipuzkoa PSE-EE Election Guarantee Commission has today completed the guarantee validation process. José Ignacio Asensio, the current secretary general of the Gipuzkoan Socialists, is the candidate for the deputy general of Gipuzkoa. The deadline for submissions is now open until Wednesday.

Euskaraz irakurri: Beharrezko abalak aurkeztuta, Donostiako alkatetzarako lehiatuko dira Garmendia and Elorza

The Election Guarantees Commission of the PSE-EE of Gipuzkoa This afternoon, the count and the process of validating the guarantees of the pre-candidates who have reached this stage of the primaries have been completed and it has been confirmed that, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Statute of the Socialist Party, Marisol Garmendia and Odon Elorza have presented the maximum number of guarantees that can be given to guarantee their respective candidacies for the socialist primaries in San SebastianBoth will therefore compete as candidates in the 2023 municipal elections.

This commission also certified the validity of the guarantees presented on September 19 by the current Secretary General of the Socialists of Gipuzkoa Jose Ignacio Asensio and that’s why it’s Provisional candidate for Deputy General of Gipuzkoa. After the deadline for claimshis candidacy will be official this Wednesday September 28.

Finally, Isaac Palencia, Ricardo Crespo, Gloria Vázquez and Aritz Murua have been provisionally declared candidates, after being the only candidates in their respective municipalities and receiving the necessary endorsements. That’s why from Wednesday 28 September official Isaac Palencia becomes the PSE-EE candidate for mayor of errent; Ricardo Crespoto the mayor of Hernan; Gloria Vazquez from Zarautz Y Aritz Murua from Arrasate/Mondragon.

Elorza proposes three debates

The former mayor of San Sebastián Odón Elorza, candidate in the primaries to return to the top of the PSE-EE municipal list, has proposed holding three debates with his opponent, Marisol Garmendia, in the three socialist headquarters in the capital of San Sebastian.

Elorza has proposed to hold these debates “in an agreed format that is attractive and participatory” and also to hold a joint press conference with his opponent, a day before the first ballot, “as a sign of the harmony that the party’s primaries for the society of San Sebastian”.

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Source: EITB


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