Torrent, Costa, Delgado and Campdepadrós demand annulment of trial for disobedience to the constitution


The former Speaker of Parliament and the sovereign members of the Table have invoked parliamentary immunity to prevent his trial from continuing and have warned that the separation of powers is at stake.

Euskaraz irakurri: Torrent, Costa, Delgado eta Campdepadrosek epaiketa bertan behera uzteko eskatu dute

The former Speaker of Parliament and current Minister of Affairs, Roger Torrentand the sovereign members of the Table have invoked parliamentary immunity to prevent the continuation of their trial for disobedience to the Constitutional Court and have warned that the separation of powers is at stake in their case.

In the Supreme Court of Catalonia (TSJC), the trial of Torrent and the members of ERC and JxCAT started this Wednesday at the parliamentary table in the last legislature –Josep Costa, Adriana Delgado and Eusebi Campdepadrós-, for whom the prosecution asks for up to one year and eight months of disqualification for ignoring the TC for processing resolutions in November 2019 in favor of self-determination and disapproval of the monarchy.

In dealing with questions for a preliminary ruling, the lawyers for Torrent and his office, once the court has requested the adjournment of the hearing by the prosecutor’s office and rejected the defenses until it is decided whether to reinstate a revoked magistrate in court, the process will be annulled, invoking that they are assisted by the prerogative of parliamentary immunity, as a guarantee of the separation of rights.

The defense has warned that parliamentary immunity prevents them from being tried and that, if the trial goes ahead, other deputies and employees of Parliament cannot be questioned as witnesses about the activity in the chamber, which would affect the seven testimonials scheduled for tomorrow.

The former Vice President of Parliament believes he should cancel the entire procedure “from day one” because, in addition to its immunity, most of the resolutions in the case were passed by two magistrates who were removed from the trial for their apparent lack of impartiality.

Parliamentary immunity was already one of the axes of the disobedience trial in which the TSJC sentenced 20 months of disqualification to the sovereign members of the Table in the phase of Carme Forcadellbut the chamber concluded that parliamentary acts can “under no circumstances have as their object” the violation of the law, especially the Constitution.

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Source: EITB


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