Streaming gap open – government agreement: more transparency in advertising


The affair of embellished surveys, which allegedly had been paid for with advertisements, is now starting to have an impact. Cabinet agrees more transparently about financing new media. From now on, advertisements from public authorities will be notified from the first euro.

“Every advertisement, every euro must be traceable. I want everyone to be able to see which media has switched to what at the push of a button,” said Media Minister Susanne Raab (ÖVP).

“As citizens, we need quality journalism that organizes the disorder,” said Sigrid Maurer, Green Party chairman. “Without media and journalism, there is no democracy. We want to support this contribution to democracy.”

There is no upper limit for placing ads
There will be no upper limit for placing ads. A point criticized by media scientist Fritz Hausjell. “The limit would be important because the number of ads should be in a reasonable proportion to the media funding.” Overall, Hausjell sees the new regulation as “a progress that should have happened a long time ago”.

In addition, there will be financing for new media, an amount of 20 million euros and a number of quality focuses as a condition.

Next step: ORF change
But that was just the beginning. In concrete terms, a digital amendment to the ORF Act is still on Raab’s agenda. A ruling from the Constitutional Court on the streaming gap must be followed. The government has not yet agreed. The media minister also confirmed that, the so-called blue page, will be redesigned.

Source: Krone


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