Counting votes by post – now it’s solved: Wlazny takes second place in Vienna


While the mutual race between Dominik Wlazny and Tassilo Wallentin for third place in the BP elections has not yet been decided, the founder of the beer party in Vienna took second place.

With an election result of 10.70 percent, Wlazny eventually took second place in the federal presidential elections in Vienna. Just behind Wlazny: Walter Rosenkranz with 10.44 percent. While Beer Party founder and Tassilo Wallentin are still neck and neck for third place in Austria, Wallentin only takes fourth place in Vienna with 6.88 percent.

While Wlatzny only took second place in Vienna, Walter Rosenkranz won the second most votes in the other federal states.

In other states, a definitive election result is already certain. In Carinthia, Burgendland, Salzburg and Vorarlberg, all absent votes have already been counted. The count is still ongoing in the other federal states.

Source: Krone


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