Nehammer also increases – survey: SPÖ in 1st place, but FPÖ & ÖVP catch up


In a new survey, the SPÖ currently ranks first nationwide with 28 percent. The FPÖ may rise and is now at 24 percent, followed by the ÖVP at 23 percent. In the matter of the chancellor, Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) is again at the forefront.

In the large monthly survey “profil” (n=800, fluctuation range: +/- 3.5%, method: combination of telephone and online survey), the Social Democrats lost one percentage point compared to September. The FPÖ gets one percentage point and the ÖVP two percentage points.

MFG headed for insignificance
The Greens are in fourth place with 11 percent (+/-0), followed by the NEOS at 10 percent (+1). The anti-vaccine MFG is now headed for insignificance at just 2 percent (-3).

Question from the Chancellor: Nehammer gets approval
In the fictional question from the Chancellor, the incumbent ÖVP Karl Nehammer received approval and is now at 21% (+4). They are followed by SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner with 17% (+1) and FPÖ chairman Herbert Kickl with 13% (-2). NEOS chairman Beate Meinl-Reisinger would elect 7% (+1) chancellor, Green Party leader Werner Kogler only 4% (-1).

Wlazny can be chosen by 32 percent of Austrians
The survey, conducted by the opinion polling institute Unique Research for ‘profil’, shows that new political movements currently have good opportunities: 32 percent of Austrians think that the leader of the Beer Party and ex-presidential candidate Dominik Wlazny are eligible. At Tassilo Wallentin this is 20 percent, at Gerald Grosz 19 percent.

Crisis management: relative majority trust parliamentary parties
When it comes to overcoming the current crises, a relative majority of 41 percent of those polled have confidence in the current parliamentary parties. No less than 34 percent think that ‘new parties from outside’ are better suited for this.

No sense in new elections
The desire for new elections is declining sharply: 53 percent believe that the government should continue to work, only 36 percent are in favor of early national elections. In July 2022 there was still a majority for new elections.

Source: Krone


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