“They are totally hurtful, it is despicable and painful”


EH Bildu’s spokeswoman in the Congress of Deputies has also denounced “the betrayal” of the Spanish government to the Sahara, warning that “it will have different consequences which we will see later”.

The Parliamentary Spokesperson for EH Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurua, believes the graffiti in favor of Russia that has appeared in Bilbao is “utterly hurtful”. In his opinion, “attacking people fleeing war like this is despicable and painful.”

In an interview with the Euskadi Irratia program “Faktoria”, Aizpurua referred to the pro-Russian graffiti appeared this weekend on a street in the capital of Biscay and in two reception centers for Ukrainian refugees.

With regard to the change in the Spanish Government’s position on the Sahara, the sovereign deputy has denounced that the executive “has not explained to anyone” why and that the “hidden reasons” have not come to light. “The Spanish government has attacked the Sahrawi people. It has betrayed them,” he criticized, adding that “the upheaval will have more repercussions”, including those referring to gas from Algeria.

Asked about the pictures and banners in favor of the prisoners seen at some moments of Korrika and having condemned the PP, Aizpurua believes some want to make the race “dirty and ugly” in favor of Basque; “It wasn’t the most remarkable” of the 10 days the Korrika lasted. In his opinion, “this city is diverse and Korrika is a reflection of that diversity. I prefer Karmele Jaio’s updated and thoughtful message.”

With regard to the results obtained by Le Pen in the French elections, considers it necessary to think. “It is true that the results in Ipar Euskal Herria have other nuances, but that authoritarianism spreading across Europe, voting for the far right, should make the European left think.”

Along the same lines, she has expressed her concern about the recently formed government in Castile and Leon, between PP and Vox. “We see how well they are doing in France, in Germany and other places where they have created a cordon sanitaire for the far right. In Spain, the exact opposite is happening. The PSOE itself has a non-critical stance and it’s going to have consequences. Then isn’t it worth saying, ‘How did we get here?'” he insisted.

According to Aizpurua, Vox “intends to reverse all steps forward achieved by society. It wants to destroy the Basque nation and its autonomy.” In that sense, he has addressed Feijóo to remind him that “the facts are these” – the new ‘popular’ leader asked during his mandate to look at the facts rather than the words.

Source: EITB


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