SPÖ criticizes “luxury” – “Took off the track”: fuss over drivers for ÖVP city boss


The mayor of the ÖVP in Melk treats himself to his own driver in the run-up to the state elections. The SPÖ describes this as “completely distant” in times of rising prices. The mayor fights back.

The ÖVP mayor of Melk, Patrick Strobl, will not be seen behind the wheel in the run-up to the state elections. Because this time he affords a driver. The SPÖ sees this as a real scandal. “While many struggle to survive because of inflation, the mayor hires a driver. That shows how far the people’s party is from the population,” criticizes the red district manager Bernhard Wurm.

“Retired Friend”
Strobl, on the other hand, cannot understand the excitement. The driver is a retired friend whom he enrolled somewhat at his own expense. The background is that as a district candidate Strobl has to deal with many appointments and can work much more efficiently as a passenger. “It is also just about individual travel. I don’t have a company car,” emphasizes the city manager, who also calls on the SPÖ to “rethink your tone”.

Source: Krone


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