“No doubt” – hospitals: hacker locates image-damaging “campaign”


Vienna City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) pinpoints a campaign to “damage” the image of Vienna’s hospitals. He said this during the question hour of the city council on Thursday. He has an “excellent working relationship” with the medical association, but there are apparently some new officials who want to be known, he suspected.

The Chamber recently reported on a study showing that hospital doctors see bottlenecks in patient care. “I don’t have a dispute with the medical association, I didn’t start it and I don’t run it,” the head of the department claimed. At the moment, however, a professional group is campaigning against the city hospitals. “They didn’t deserve it because the work there is fantastic,” Hacker assured.

“There is no gag order”
The Medical Association had recently referred to numerous danger reports in hospitals. The SP politician emphasized that this is a participation tool that has been around for 20 years. “With the aim of preventing a dangerous situation.” In this way, employees could inform the management. “There is also no gag order,” the city council claimed.

According to the hacker, a total of seven such advertisements were received in September and October. Throughout Austria, he pointed out, there is a shortage of skilled workers in this field. This repeatedly leads to capacity redistribution and stations to be temporarily closed.

Colleagues are encouraged to report complaints
Physicians turning to the public with criticism was justified by their professional representation with the city often not taking any action following the danger reports. In the context of ‘action weeks’, colleagues are now encouraged to also report any complaints.

There are currently disputes not only related to the city hospitals. With a warning strike in six Viennese hospitals, the employees of the religious order hospitals recently increased the pressure in their special collective bargaining.

Source: Krone


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