SPÖ women’s president: – “Should not lead staff debates on the balcony”


In Austria we are still the country of femicide: more women are murdered here than in any other country. In an interview with Jana Pasching, Eva-Maria Holzleitner, chairwoman of the SPÖ women, demands that clear concepts of protection against violence should be available to women during the World Cup. Holzleitner welcomes the legal EU quota for women on board and supervisory positions. We know that women are highly qualified, they are more represented in Austrian universities than men. “Quota woman is not a swear word in this case.” In the leadership debate, which emerged in the SPÖ after polls in Burgenland, you fully support SPÖ party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner. “We would do well to conduct staff interviews internally and not on the balcony.”

The SPÖ women would not leave Pamela Rendi-Wagner’s side. Yet one could also praise Burgenland for the politics that are conducted in Burgenland. Holzleitner praised the strategic plan for women launched by Deputy Governor Astrid Eisenkopf. “One can only congratulate Burgenland on its policy at the state level.”

The SPÖ Burgenland launched a study this weekend that attributes an SPÖ under Hans-Peter Doskosil better chances in elections than Pamela Rendi-Wagner. Whether these taunts from Burgenland already fall under sexism or would also happen to a man? “I think that as a party we have a certain problem and that it does not make us any wiser.” That is of course annoying, also for the civil servants at all levels who make and promote social-democratic politics. “Talking about topics and talking about the good things happening in the countries and communities is key.” According to Holzleitner, these things should come to the fore. But “We would be well advised to conduct staff interviews internally and not on the balcony, as the saying goes.”

“It is very clear to future generations that we need to empower women in the commercial enterprise,” says Holzleitner. Women are caught in the part-time trap and often not at their own request, but because the terms and conditions are not right. In addition: “There are too few educational opportunities for children.” Something urgently needs to change here.

“We wish for a louder family pastor”
Support for women in paid work receives far too little or no attention in the budget. “Here we would like to see a louder women’s minister.” Women are an essential part of the economy and often bring a lot of know-how with them through their education. “But this know-how cannot be used because the terms and conditions are not correct. The Ministers of Women’s Affairs and Family Affairs should have negotiated more and better here,” Holzleitner criticizes.

Supervisory Boards: More Thomas than women in general
The regulation signed by the European Parliament to increase the share of women in listed companies is an important milestone for a fairer division of functions – also in Austria. There are more men on the supervisory board named Thomas than women in such positions, Holzleitner explains. It would be better here to have mixed teams in which both genders are represented, “because such teams are also more productive and balanced”.

You can see the entire interview with SPÖ women’s leader Eva-Maria Holzleitner in the video above.

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