Chivite says Guardia Civil “will not leave Navarre” and accuses law of “hypocrisy”


Chivite says Guardia Civil “will not leave Navarre” and accuses law of “hypocrisy”

The President of Navarre has asked whether “it was not the right of Aznar and Sanz to agree to the transfer” of the traffic more than 20 years ago.

The President of the Government of Navarre and general secretary of the PSN, María Chivite, has assured that the Guardia Civil “will not leave Navarre” and has accused the right of “hypocrisy” in her criticism of the transfer of power from Traffic to the Foral- community and has censured that it has brought ETA “into the debate”.

In his speech this Saturday at PSN’s regional committee, Chivite asked if “it wasn’t the right of Aznar and Sanz are the ones who arranged the transferMore than 20 years ago. He also pointed out the “political consensus” on this issue that was “ratified yesterday”. “Didn’t Navarra Suma include this issue in his election manifesto?” of the Guardia Civil?”, he criticized.

We are moving forward in self-government and the Guardia Civil will not leave Navarre,” emphasized Chivite, who considered that the UPN “has renounced its fundamental principles” and “the mask has fallen”. “Giving up its acronyms meant giving up its historical position and of some consensus that no one in Navarre had yet questioned,” he stated.

In this regard, he stressed that in this legislature the transfer of two powers has been achieved with “a third ready”. “Where is the regionalism?” asked Chivite, who stated that the UPN’s defense of Navarre is based on “who puts up the biggest flag.”

He emphasized that “We are on track to approve the fourth budgetwe have taken all the initiatives that the government has implemented” and have confirmed that almost 90% of the legislature’s agreement has been fulfilled. Something that has been achieved through “dialogue and agreement” and that has achieved that a government “of a parliamentary minority” is a “social majority”.

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Source: EITB


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