They ask Denis Itxaso that the Spanish government recognize Mikel Zabalza as a victim of police abuse


Relatives and friends of Mikel Zabalza have demanded “political and judicial truth” at the ceremony in the Altza neighborhood of San Sebastián, marking the 37th anniversary of his arrest and subsequent disappearance.

relatives of Michael Zabalzathe San Sebastian bus driver whose dead body appeared in the river Bidasoa 9 days after his arrested by the Guardia Civilin 1985They have asked the government deputy in Euskadi, Denis Itxaso, to be “recognized as a victim of police brutality” by the Spanish government.

Zabalza was officially recognized as “police victimby the Basque government in February this year after being accredited by agents of the Civil Guard by the Valuation Commission for “severe torture and humane and degrading treatment”. Zabalza’s family and friends have been asking for justice and recognition for years and after the opinion of the Basque government, they also want a ruling from the Spanish government.

the citizens’ initiative Alzako Herri Ekimena and relatives of Mikel Zabalza made this request through a letter addressed to Itxasor that they registered a few days ago at the headquarters of the subdelegation of the government in Gipuzkoa, an initiative that they reported this Saturday at a ceremony in the Altza district of San Sebastián, on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the arrest by agents of the armed institution.

Dantzaris for Mikel Zabalza’s mural. Photo: EFE

The spokesperson for the entity, Jose Ramon Zapiraindenounced in his speech in Basque at the commemoration ceremony that, despite the fact that the City Council of the capital of Gipuzko and the Basque Government “explicitly acknowledged” that “Mikel died as a result of the torture” suffered, the executive center “has not officially acknowledged anything.

Zapirain has assured that during the tribute to Mikel Zabalza two years ago by the San Sebastián town hall, which was “attended in a personal capacity by Denis Itxaso”, he told the relatives that he “personally expressed his solidarity” with them and that “He made every effort to clear things up.

He believed that “it is time to move from personal solidarity to political and institutional responsibility”, as “without political or judicial truth, popular truth is useless”.

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Source: EITB


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