Causa Kaili: – Schieder: “These are individual criminals”


Andreas Schieder, head of the SPÖ EU delegation, is this time a guest at “Club 3” and talks about the corruption scandal in the EU parliament, migration policy and the power struggle within his party.

A corruption scandal involving Greek Vice President Eva Kaili (Social Democrats) has shocked the EU. With Andreas Schieder, a former party friend is a guest in “Club 3”. The head of the SPÖ delegation to the EU parliament is appalled: “I am angry that you sat in parliament with people asking for hundreds of thousands of euros in plastic bags. And for lobbying for a country like Qatar.”

He didn’t really know Kaili. However, it was learned that she was also having tax problems in her home country and that she was no longer considered suitable for the office. “We must develop mechanisms to prevent such incidents,” says Schieder, who advocates mandatory entries in existing registers of who and which parliamentarian meets where and when. The parliamentarian also emphasizes that these are “individual criminals” – and not specific regions.

Austria’s position in the EU ‘terrible’
Schieder also comments on the debate on Austria’s role in the migration issue. Austria’s status in the EU is currently partly “appalling”. His SPÖ currently ranks second behind the FPÖ in polls. It’s like climbing a mountain. Step-by-step. We will have to step up.” The Social Democrat only says about coalitions after the 2024 elections: not with the FPÖ. Schieder says about the tense relationship between party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner and Hans Peter Doskozil that the regional leader of Burgenland also makes good suggestions and shows a social-democratic signature.

You can see the entire conversation in the video above.

Source: Krone


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