“The government of Spain abides by the decision of the Constitutional Court and will take measures to end the blockade”


The President of the Government of Spain, in an institutional statement after the suspension of the processing of the legal reforms designed by PSOE and Unidas Podemos, conveys a message of “serenity”, but warns: “Democracy requires respect for the law”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Sanchez: “Gobernuak Konstituzionalaren erabakiari men egin, eta blokeoaren aurkako neurriak hartuko ditu”

The President of the Government of SpainPedro Sánchez, indicated on Tuesday that the executive will lead it “accepts” the decision of the Constitutional Court (TC) made on Monday evening to suspend consideration in the Senate of the legal reforms promoted by PSOE and Unidas Podemos, approved in Congress, although it has specified that The Spanish government “will take measures” to end the blockade where the TC itself and the General Council for the Judiciary are located. Sánchez has sent a message to the society of the Spanish state in an institutional statement “serenity”but also has warned that “democracy requires respect for the law”.

In this regard, Pedro Sánchez began by stating that the Constitutional Court has approved, by a majority of six to five, “an unprecedented decision in 44 years of democracy” in Spain. The leader of Spain’s executive has traced the origin of the measure to the fact that the PP, choosing to “violate the constitutional mandate”, favors an “unprecedented” situation of blocking the renewal of the TC itself, as well as the CGPJ; the goal of the PP, in Sánchez’s words, is to “retaining an earlier constitution”, in both bodies, “which was more favorable to him”.

As he underlined, and to try “maintain, by false measures, a power which the bourgeoisie has not given him”the PP has used various “pretexts” which it says led to a “serious” event, as the “democratically elected” representatives cannot fulfill the function for which they have received the support of the citizenry: “It is a fact that unprecedented not only in Spain, but also in Europe,” he denounced, just before stating that he understands “citizens’ outrage and concern” over what he has described as an “institutional clash”.

In this way, taking into account that Spain, he said, “one of the great democracies” at the international level, Pedro Sánchez indicated that there “mechanisms” to resort to to put an end to this situation“The law and observance of the Constitution,” he specified, then went on to state that the government he presides “accepts” the TC agreement, but will also adopt “measures,” which he has not elaborated, to implement a . to end the blockade and to respect the will of the people shown by citizens in the 2019 general election.

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