“Turquoise circle of power” – ÖVP subcommittee: Greens want to question Beinschab


“Turquoise circle of power” – ÖVP subcommittee: Greens want to question Beinschab

As is known, the ÖVP corruption investigation committee is being expanded. However, the exact work plan with the number of meeting days is still unclear. The Greens are waiting with the suggestion that in addition to ex-ÖBAG boss Thomas Schmid, the key witness in the survey and advertising affair, Sabine Beinschab, should also be questioned.

Schmid and Beinschab are “key witnesses to the biggest scandal around the turquoise power circle,” Green Party leader Nina Tomaselli told Ö1 “Morgenjournal” on Friday.

ÖVP welcomes leg scraping charge
The ÖVP sees this positively, as Beinschab said that manipulated surveys were an invention of the SPÖ. The SPÖ in turn rejects this and finds other witnesses more relevant, similar to the FPÖ. The NEOS expect little news from Beinschab.

Work plan: Sobotka returns the ball
In the debate on a work plan for the expansion of the University committee, the chairman, National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP), meanwhile passed the ball back to the political groups. Sobotka appealed to MPs to agree to comply with parliamentary practice so that the committee could come to a “conciliatory conclusion”.

SPÖ group chairman Jan Krainer had previously asked Sobotka to take over directing the work plan and to submit an addition to it. After all, that task has been assigned to him “because of the regulations”, according to Krainer.

Sobotka rejected this request. “It would be a clear departure from parliamentary practice for the chairman to submit an official proposal to the committee for a vote without the consent of the parliamentary groups,” the Office of the President of the National Council said. So far, the work plan, ie the number and date of the inquiry days, has always been agreed upon by all parliamentary groups in U committees, the argument goes.

Benko, Spindelleger, Schelling, Wöginger and Kurz are interrogated
In the letter previously sent to Sobotka, Krainer suggested three meeting dates (survey days) – on January 11, 18 and 25. Investor Rene Benko, ex-ÖVP boss Michael Spindelegger, FMA boss Eduard Müller, ex-VP finance minister Hans Jörg Schelling, ÖVP club president August Wöginger or ex-ÖVP chancellor Sebastian Kurz will be questioned. However, this did not receive the undivided approval of the other factions except the FPÖ.

Critique of Krainer from NEOS and the Greens
After the maneuver, Krainer received more or less veiled criticism from NEOS and the Greens. “It’s more about egos than enlightenment,” said NEOS Mandatarin Stefanie Krisper in the “Kurier” (Friday ed.). And Greens group leader Nina Tomaselli also said an agreement on a timetable would have been possible so far, “if some had shown themselves more willing to compromise”.

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