“It’s About Time” – Border Controls: Mattle and Dornauer Challenge


After the political traffic controllers of Tyrol and Bavaria called on Monday Berlin and Vienna to “optimize and review” the border controls that have existed since the wave of migration in 2015, Governor Anton Mattle (ÖVP) and LHStv. Georg Dornauer (SPÖ) pushed for a general end to controls on Tuesday. It would be time and “fine” if you revert to the “best time,” which is the time before checks began, Mattle says.

In the spirit of a united Europe, it must be ensured that there are at least no more “classic border controls”, said the Tyrolean governor. Although he knows that this probably can’t happen overnight. The whole thing will of course also be the subject of a meeting with Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) next week in Munich.

Dornauer will also be active outside Tyrol next week and will also raise the subject of traffic and border controls in a meeting with Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP). Dornauer emphasized that it should be possible again in the long term to go without border controls.

Letter to ministries in Berlin and Vienna
The Tyrolean Transport Minister René Zumtobel (SPÖ) and the Bavarian Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter (CSU) were mobilized in this case on Monday. In a letter to the two federal ministries in Berlin and Vienna, they called for “revision and optimization” of border controls.

It is about “a better reconciliation of the safety needs and the smoothest possible flow of traffic”, according to the two. The traffic jams and congestion caused by the checks would burden cross-border public transport and irritate citizens. But Bernreiter also stressed that he still thinks border controls are “definitely sensible and important”.

Source: Krone


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