Experience politics live – young voters cheered the elephant round


Political education that can be touched and touched instead of gray theory in the classroom. On Wednesday, students at St. Pölten’s Mary Ward Gymnasium said they were “in the middle of things rather than just being there.”

Because during the elephant round of “Krone” and PULS 24, the first voters could take a look behind the scenes of the election campaign. “Today, political life really played out before our eyes and we could see the politicians discussing,” says Viktoria after the discussion. That not only influenced the decision of the 16-year-old from Mostviertel. “I was still a bit hesitant, but the debate helped me make my decision,” said the young woman.

It’s a bit different for her classmate Luca: “I actually already made my choice, now I’m doubting my decision,” explains the 17-year-old.

Experience politics up close
For Irene Kimberger, the elephant round was a key experience: “The students questioned things and really experienced politics. That moves and makes a difference,” says the class teacher. What burned under the nails of the young voters were mainly questions about climate protection, energy costs and road construction.

Source: Krone


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