Provocation from Tyrol – FPÖ: thanks to Van der Bellen step to Chancellor Kickl


“After our state elections in Tyrol, we freedoms are back on the road to success – and this road to success will continue.” It is a step “for Austria to become a real home again, and that is only possible with a Chancellor Herbert Kickl”. Abwerzger also explicitly thanked Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen on Twitter.

According to Abwerzger, Van der Bellen’s “anti-democratic exclusion policy” led to the FPÖ’s election booster.

“A Tyrolean was successful in the elections basically involved”
Abwerzger’s cynical tweet against Van der Bellen’s person: “A Tyrolean was in the electoral success of the FPÖ strongly involved in Lower Austria. Big thanks to the HBP from the beautiful Kaunertal.”

Schendlitz already sees Kickl as Chancellor
FPÖ Secretary General Michael Schnedlitz already sees Kickl as the “Chancellor of the Republic of Austria” who will “rectify what others have done crazy”.

Kickl: “This was the first joke
For party leader Herbert Kickl, Sunday was a “day of freedom for the Lower Austrians”. And added: “Absolutism in Lower Austria is over. He sees the result as a “turbo” for the upcoming state elections in Carinthia and Salzburg. “This was the first joke. We will continue to intensify our solidarity with the population.”

Nehammer: Responsible for crises
Katzenjammer, on the other hand, with the ÖVP. On Sunday, Chancellor Karl Nehammer blamed the “mixed situation” of various crises such as asylum and inflation for the collapse of the Lower Austrian ÖVP in the state elections. These are “bad times for rulers”.

Like his coalition partner at the federal level, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) also referred to the current crises. However, unlike the ÖVP, he was able to enjoy a profit. “This is the fourth election in which the Greens have been strengthened since the Greens entered the federal government,” Kogler said in a broadcast. “This is a sign that Austrians want consistent policies for more climate protection and are choosing to do so.”

For SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner, the result was “not an easy day for social democracy”, because there is nothing to talk about.

Source: Krone


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