No toilet, no heating – “Horror ride” on the night train from Vienna to Feldkirch


A nurse had to travel to Vorarlberg on the Nightjet for work and experienced a miracle. What the Vienna reports are and what the ÖBB says about them.

Raffael Biro had come up with a plan: take the train from Vienna to Feldkirch in the evening and arrive fresh and rested for the business meeting in the morning. But the ÖBB put a spanner in the works for the field nurse.

He had booked a bunk bed, but when the 36-year-old arrived on the platform, he and other passengers learned that there was no night coach and that they would be accommodated in an old couchette car instead. The conductor noted on the ticket that you had to arrange for compensation yourself.

Also broken toilets
“I even had to share a compartment with a stranger,” says the traveler. In addition, his bladder burst because the toilets were broken. To make matters worse, the heating in the entire carriage failed and no hot drinks were even offered for breakfast.

“I’m really angry. I must have had a good night’s sleep, but this is not travel comfort!” Biro complains.The next time he switches back to the car.

ÖBB promises compensation
The ÖBB said: “We regret the inconvenience. Unfortunately, there was a car breakdown that day due to a technical problem. We have offered a couchette car as a replacement. Of course, our customer is entitled to compensation.”

Source: Krone


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