Delicate court case – extradition? FPÖ leader Kunasek gets a postponement period


Things could quickly become uncomfortable for Styrian FPÖ leader Mario Kunasek. Police officers accuse him of false testimony and want the state parliament to waive Kunasek’s political immunity. The delicate case is now even moving to the senior public prosecutor’s office.

To what extent will the financial scandal of the FPÖ Graz also affect the blue state party? This question has occupied political observers for months. Because in polls the Styrian FPÖ – just like its fellow party members in Lower Austria – is flying high. The Causa Graz is not yet noticeable, but new revelations and allegations could have an effect in the long run.

For the past two weeks, things have become noticeably more uncomfortable for party leader Mario Kunasek. Although he is not charged with the financial cause (up to 1.8 million euros in funding is said to have flowed to party-affiliated associations and officials in Graz), detectives accuse Kunasek of false testimony and even withholding evidence.

Kunasek rejects everything
During his interrogation, Kunasek would not have presented all the test results available so far. The investigators suspect that Kunasek’s motive was to prevent the Styrian FPÖ state party from becoming the focus of the investigation. The FPÖ boss strictly rejects the allegations. He himself is the “principal discoverer” in the case.

In order for the police to investigate, the state parliament would have to lift Kunasek’s political immunity as an MP – it would be a highly unusual move. The competent public prosecutor’s office in Klagenfurt should submit the formal request for this.

Delicate act goes up a level
There the decision takes even longer, as the “crown” says. Reason: The project report in the sensitive matter goes to the senior public prosecutor’s office in Graz, which must first give the green light.

All other parties in the state parliament are now demanding that Kunasek voluntarily waive his immunity. But he doesn’t think about that. According to the legal view of the PVV, this is not even possible before an application from the Public Prosecution Service.

Source: Krone


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